Gallery quality color and true black & white printed on either acid-free archival grade canvas or fine art paper. With this print type, the highest quality papers, fabrics, and inks produce archival certified displays certified over 100+ years. Smooth gradients, expanded color gamut, and vivid color expression produce beautiful works to be viewed for a lifetime. Available options include Wrapped Canvas, Canvas Only, and Print Only.



Select a museum quality frame in the most popular styles, colors, and finishes to showcase any Fine Art Print. With the wide selection of decorative materials available through local vendors, the printed image will stand as a centerpiece in any space.



Metallic prints are created via UV printing, a process in which UV inks are solidified onto the surface of pretreated metal substrates, such as aluminum and stainless steel. This produces a sleek and vivid display that is both extremely durable and visually sharp. Metal prints are able to be hung with a floating wall mount system or metallic posts that cultivate a modern contemporary style.



Wooden prints are available on a variety of types, which can be customized and selected from San Diego based vendors. These prints are similarly created via UV printing process, and reflect the unique texture and tonality of the chosen substrate. No two prints will look alike due to the granular and distinct differences between types of wood and cuts. This type of print is available to be hung with a floating wall mount system.



Acrylic prints have several varieties to consider depending on display preference and utilize archival grade fine art material mounted to polished and anti-reflective acrylic. Acrylic Block Displays showcase prints mounted to a 1" thick plexiglass polished to a pristinely clear finish to create an incredible display. Acrylic Face Mounted Displays offer vibrant images face-mounted to polished acrylic that can be mounted via floating wall mount or stainless steel posts on either 1/8", 1/4", or 1/2" thick acrylic.



Multi Panel prints can be requested for most prints. This display option gives an incredible perspective by breaking up the image into 3 - 5 sections that can be used to fill nearly any desired wall space. Panels are available in wrapped canvas, metal, wood, or acrylic options.



Jameson Schultz limited edition photographs are both assigned a unique serial number as well as hand-signed and stamped. Additionally included, is a hand-written story behind each image, describing the personal experience leading up to creating the photograph.