Photography as an artistic medium can prove to be extremely powerful. In order to achieve an impact though, the photographer must go into each scenario with a vision. Though some amazing photographs can come out of luck, the overwhelming proportion of images that trigger emotions in the viewer will have a photographer with a vision behind them.

My approach to my work is always evolving, but the fundamentals are the same: vision, proper exposure, press the shutter. I don’t take photos just to take them because I enjoy the sound of a shutter clicking, spending countless dollars and hours acquiring and learning the near infinite tools that are out there. I honestly am guilty of shooting a large portion of my works for myself. A mental and emotional picture of where I was in that exact moment, seeing and feeling exactly what I saw and felt. I do not like to dwell in the ephemeral past, however reflecting on where I have been, and what I have experienced simply feeds my desire and inspiration to seek out new places, new faces and people to meet and learn from, to grow and expand my view of all things in this wonderful world.

I am to tell the story behind the images I take. Though this can be seen as very broad, it is actually quite specific to me. The people, places, and animals I photograph are not staged, they are as real as anything else you see in your daily life. There is always something under the surface, maybe subtle, maybe vibrant, but there is a fabric woven in between each pixel that ties together the true nature of our world and the beauty that lay in the grandest and most minute of aspects. This fabric is fashioned from time, environment, and humanity.

Looking at a landscape it’s easy to get lost in the big picture, the relationship of one thing to the next - the natural order and flow of things and how it all ties together. However, without the understanding of the elements that between this overarching harmony exists, we can only perceive the end result, which however wonderful it maybe, still amounts to an incomplete understanding.

My approach is understanding the elements, understanding the fibers that bind the fabric of this world together. From the pine needles lining the foreground, to the emotions and thoughts chasing across the faces of this world, I focus on them and then, only then, do I hit the shutter.