The vision

My vision for the work I create is something that is constantly expanding and evolving. When I go into a collaboration, set, or landscape, my inner dialogue is always the same, “How can I make this real for people?”, “How can I capture what is genuine in this situation?”, and “Why is it worth capturing?”. There are many aspects to photography as a form of artistic expression that need to be considered before blindly releasing the shutter, but in the end for me, my vision is to always create what I see - what I feel. Sometimes that involves a little extra work, a little restructuring of the lighting, or even simply waiting patiently for the right set of conditions. And sometimes it requires me to be a human first and prioritize being present in the moment first, and being a photographer second. There are countless times in which I don’t raise my camera, I don’t hit the shutter, and relish in the selfishness of being the only eyes to see what’s in front of me. It is a beautiful balance between those two situations, and for me, ultimately, my vision will always have me walking that delicate line.